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CHAMPIONS is a national project looking at the impact of COVID and living through lockdown on children under 5, who are living in temporary accommodation (TA) due to experiencing homelessness. We are working alongside families and professionals to co-develop recommendations.


These are grounded in research evidence in order to support families’ recovery after the pandemic and enable professionals to prepare for future pandemics!




Aidan Halligan lecture

Professor Monica Lakhanpaul gives the prestigious Aidan Halligan Memorial Lecture

“We need to listen, learn and act. Children are our future and it is our duty to provide them with the best start in life. The pandemic should not be allowed to prevent this. We are at risk of failing children living in temporary accommodation..”

CHAMPIONS Project PI: Prof Monica Lakhanpaul | @ProfLakhanpaul


We have four research objectives that link together. Through them, we will co-develop recommendations to help children and families recover from the pandemic. Find out more about our objectives by hovering below : 



 Find out more about our goals by clicking below : 


1).Scoping Review

2).Needs Analysis

3).Feasibility Study

4).Knowledge Exchange


We are supported by our research partner organisations,whose expertise and support.   networks will help us make the project as successful as possible.Find out more about.     our objectives by clicking below:



To make sure that we carry out our research in the most effective way possible and achieve the best results, we are guided by outside advisers in the form of our Community Engagement Partners (CEP) Panel and the Advisory Board.

We have regular meetings with both groups to get their feedback on how the project is going and what could be improved, as well as to test the project’s materials with them.


Community Engagement Partners Panel

The CEP Panel is made up of people who have lived in temporary accommodation while experiencing homelessness and caring for a child under 5. They understand the lived experience of our family participants and make sure our work focuses on the real needs of families and children.


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a group of health, housing and wellbeing specialists, policymakers, academics and other experts who review and provide feedback on the project’s goals. The Board provides guidance on how to reach professionals and policymakers, to ensure the project’s recommendations are put into practice.


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