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Here you can find out more about the work we have been doing & how we have had an influence on stakeholders working on homelessness globally.

Interventions to promote the health and well-being of children under 5s experiencing homelessness in high-income countries: a scoping review

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Opinion: The good of small things:

17 January, 2024


Innovative CHAMPIONS sound installation project 'This Room' released: Published: 12th November 2023

House Quaulity Magazine_OCT 2023.png

CHAMPIONS findings shared in Housing Quality Magazine October 2023 issue:

Published: 1st October 2023

IHV_IBP_Monica Lakhanpaul_Conferance_2023.png

CHAMPIONS insights shared by Principal Investigator Monica during keynote at the iHV Evidence-Based Practice Conference 2023:

Published: 21st September 2023

CHAMPIONS findings inspire new Shelter Scotland collaboration research project: Published: 10th December 2023

Championiong Homeless

CHAMPIONS findings shared in UCL Portico Magazine Autumn 2023 issue: Published: 29th October 2023

BBC_Milestones coverage.png

CHAMPIONS sold-out performance of 'Milestones' in partnership with Response Ability Theatre featured on BBC London Evening News: Published: 3rd December 2023

JustLife_Shared Health.png

CHAMPIONS findings shared in Justlife Foundation and Shared Health Foundation letter to UK Chancellor of the Exchequer:

Temporary Accomidation Comference_2023.png

CHAMPIONS findings mentioned at the JustLife Temporary Accommodation Conference 2023: Published: 26th September 2023

Milestones_Sept 2023.png

CHAMPIONS partners with Response Ability Theatre for sold-out performance of 'Milestones': Published: 25th September 2023

'This Room' presented at Shelter UK Conference by Shared Health Foundation.png

CHAMPIONS sound installation 'This Room' presented at Shelter UK Conference by Shared Health Foundation:

Published: 20th September 2023

Prof. Lakhanpaul_video interview_Grosvenor Hart Homes initiative.png

CHAMPIONS findings mentioned by Principal Investigator Prof. Lakhanpaul in video interview launching the Grosvenor Hart Homes initiative: 

Published: 7th September 2023

Dr. Nadia Svirydzenka_interview_PA Media_Yahoo!Life News_DMU News_Suffolk News_Coventry Te

CHAMPIONS findings mentioned by Co-Investigator Dr. Nadia Svirydzenka in her interview with PA Media quoted in Yahoo!Life News, DMU News, Suffolk News and Coventry Telegraph:

Published: 1st September 2023

Australian College of Children & Young People's Nurses (ACCYPN)_Conference 2023.png
Inside Housing article _poor conditions in temporary accommodation_damaging young

CHAMPIONS findings presented at Australian College of Children & Young People's Nurses (ACCYPN) Conference 2023:

Published: 27th August 2023

CHAMPIONS insights included in Inside Housing article on how poor conditions in temporary accommodation are damaging young lives: 

Published: 22nd August 2023

Housing 2023 Festival.jpg

CHAMPIONS findings shared by Principal Investigator Prof. Monica Lakhanpaul at the Housing 2023 Festival: 

Published: 28th June 2023

'HOME' sound installation project_Sound Voice,_De Montfort University (DMU)_Bee Squad.png
Just Fair report_United Nations Committee_ Economic_Social_Cultural Rights.png

CHAMPIONS research findings included in innovative 'HOME' sound installation project in partnership with Sound Voice, De Montfort University (DMU) and Bee Squad:  

Published: 6th June 2023

CHAMPIONS insights included in Just Fair report for the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights:  

Published:12th May 2023

The right to adequate housing_Welsh Parl

CHAMPIONS research findings included in 'The right to adequate housing' Welsh Parliament: Local Government and Housing Committee Consultation Response by Just Fair:

Published: 3rd March 2023

‘The ticking time bomb of temporary accommodation on a generation of children’s mental hea

CHAMPIONS findings included in Chartered Institute of Housing article:

Published: 13th February 2023

The i Interview_Monica Lakhanpaul.png

The i Interview with Monica: Professor Lakhanpaul was recently interviewed by The i for their article on child deaths in temporary accommodation.

Published: 12th January 2023

Newham workshop.png

Newham workshop:

In collaboration with London Borough of Newham and Graffwerk, we hosted a creative arts workshop for children in Newham to give them a chance to tell their stories and share their experiences.

APPG for Ending Homelessness.png
'Dumped and forgotten' Homeless families on life in England's Lane hostel.jpg

APPG for Ending Homelessness:

Published: 8th June 2021


'Dumped and forgotten': Homeless families on life in England's Lane hostel

Published: 24th February 2021

Aidan Halligan Talk by Prof.Lakhanpaul.png

Aidan Halligan Talk by Prof.Lakhanpaul:

Published: 24th February 2021

Monica on BBC Newsnight.png

Monica on BBC Newsnight:

Published: 2nd December 2021

Independent Interview with Monica.jpg

INDEPENDENT Interview with Monica:

Published: 9th December 2021

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