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We need your help to understand how COVID has affected families living in temporary accommodation with a child under 5. If there is something you would like to tell us, please send us some words or photos and we will share them on this page. If you don't want to give your name, you can tell us the name you'd like us to use.


You can find more information below on how to submit your stories and see our moderation and consent policies.


If you are unable to upload your story, email the words, files or links to or WhatsApp to 07436 030173.


Thank you for considering sending in your stories and photos about living in temporary accommodation while experiencing homelessness with a child under 5.

When you send your stories and photos, they will not be posted straight away. We will ensure that they don’t contain information that could identify you, your children, or where you live. We won’t post anything that is offensive or harasses another individual or group. Please email us if you have any questions.


We ask for your consent to use the stories and photos that you share with us in our research. You can share them with us without giving your consent for this.

We ask for your email address when you send a story, even if this story is not made public. However, you can send it anonymously if you wish, without using your personal details.

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